2009 lecture

2009 lecture by prof. Robert C. Kennicutt.

We are proud the present prof. Robert C. Kennicutt as the speaker of the 2009 Hendrik de Waard lecture. Prof. Kennicutt will give a lecture titled "The Invisible Universe Revealed". The lecture will be given on Thursday, May 28th 2009, 8 pm in the aula of the central university building, Broerstraat 5, Groningen. For more information about prof. Kennicutt and his work have a look at his website.

The Invisible Universe Revealed

Half of the starlight in the Universe is hidden from visible telescopes, having been absorbed by fine clouds of dust particles in interstellar space. This missing energy reappears in the infrared and terahertz regions of the spectrum, and can only be studied fully from spaceborne instruments. Now thanks to a series of international space observatories this hidden Universe has been fully revealed. The data from these telescopes reveal new classes of objects and phenomena, including the discovery of the most luminous and active star-forming galaxies in the Universe. Infrared observations of the galaxies, when combined with a suite of measurements in other wavelength bands, provide new insights into the star and galaxy formation processes that shaped the Hubble sequence. This lecture will highlight what we have learned from these new observations, and preview the eagerly anticipated results from ESA's new Herschel Space Observatory, which is scheduled for launch this spring.